Car Advertising For Money-How You Can Get Paid To Drive

by Admin on February 21, 2010

Who would not like to get paid to drive their car? You have probably seen vehicles on the street encased in vinyl car wrap. Most of these vehicles are company fleet cars, or they are being driven by the business owner. However, some of these vehicles are being driven by smart consumers. Some individuals will use their cars as mobile billboards for businesses in exchange for a monthly payment.

The problem with this specific advertising industry is that it is rife with scammers. A quick Internet search will turn up tons of companies promising to put you in touch with businesses willing to pay you to drive your own car. However, most of these offers are not true. Many of these businesses are looking to either collect a one-time payment from you or a monthly subscription in exchange for a list of companies that will pay you. No reputable company will try to sell you a list.

Most of the reputable mobile advertising companies will generate their fees from the businesses they serve. Car advertising for money does work; however, you must do your homework to avoid getting ripped off. Legitimate paid to drive companies will require detailed information on your driving habits and the areas in which you drive. Most will require you to meet with a representative monthly for odometer checks. In addition, many will require GPS tracking to map your driving routes.

An alternative to sifting through tons of search results would be to take the initiative yourself. Determine what areas you drive in the most and see if there is a local business that has a presence in that entire area. Then you could approach this business with your own offer. You could work out a deal where they would pay to have the vinyl car wrap designed and installed, then you would receive a monthly payment for the use of your vehicle. Many small businesses would jump at the chance to have a highly visible mobile advertisement continuously traveling throughout their target area. Your pool of candidates is nearly limitless since all businesses must advertise to continue to attract new clients.

Getting paid to wrap your car in advertising is a possibility; however, it only makes sense for a very limited number of people. If you are a stay-at-home mom that makes occasional trips to the grocery store and sporting events then you will not qualify for any type of program. Companies are looking for people to drive many miles and cover large areas. These are usually people that are driving their own car for business purposes, but their clients never see their car, so the company they work for would not mind if they had it wrapped.

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