Custom Vinyl Car Wraps

by Admin on February 21, 2010

If you are tired of driving the same old car as everyone else perhaps it is time for a change. Most people will become bored with their car and decide to add some type of accessory. Most of these accessories range from custom wheels to ground effects to tented windows. These are all nice touches; however, others are also doing the same thing and really it does not make your car unique. What to do then to really stand out? How about a custom vinyl car wrap.

You have probably seen business vehicles on the road with vinyl graphics. Computer repair services with full color graphics of computer screens and a variety of computer components emblazoned on the side and hood of the car. Or a pest control truck with a giant cockroach on the side. Did it ever cross your mind that you could do the same thing to your car? Those graphics caught your attention didn’t they?

The price of the wrap will depend on how much you have done. For a full car wrap the price could be between $2,000-$3,000. However, the price would be considerably lower if you only required the hood or front end. That may sound like a lot; however, many people will spend that much and more on custom wheels.

The designs that you can have installed are nearly endless. Lightning, fire, mountains, the possibilities are many. If you are a passionate diver you could have a detailed underwater scene. A snowboarder could have a mountain scene or themselves in the middle of a trick on their snowboard. You are only limited by your imagination

In addition, you can use your own photos to have a vinyl wrap made. This could be a photo of a special place or a special person that can be converted into a vinyl graphic. Or, you could have a collage of several important photos merged together to create your own masterpiece. One thing to keep in mind when using photos is the clarity. The photo will be blown up extremely large, so if the photo quality is not good it will be even worse on your wrap.

You do not have to be limited by off-the-shelf auto accessories. With a vinyl car wrap you can truly make your car or truck stand out in traffic. Car wraps are real head turners. Start thinking up some ideas that can truly make your automobile an extension of yourself.

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