What is Vinyl Car Wrapping With Vehicle Wraps

by Admin on February 22, 2010

Vinyl car wrap is used as a printing medium that can be applied to nearly any vehicle. Car wrap can be a great alternative to painting. Vehicle wraps can be removed at a future date and replaced with other advertising, or the vehicle can be returned to its original state without damage.

The vehicle wrap is produced in a very large printing machine that prints the vinyl and then rolls it to be later applied. The designs available for a car wrap are nearly limitless. A business can incorporate their logo and relative images to their business for their wrap. For instance, a landscaping business can have not only their company name and phone number but also a full-size color image of a large landscape design emblazoned on the side of their trucks. Car wraps can be real attention getters for businesses who want to advertise on vehicles.

In addition, many ordinary citizens are turning to vehicle wraps to customize their vehicles. Just the same as commercial vehicles, an individual can have nearly anything they want printed on car wrap and applied to their vehicle. This may be a sport they are involved in or a unique custom design to set their car apart.

Vinyl car wrap is usually applied by professional installers. Because of the large size of the role of the vinyl wrap and the importance of the surface preparation it is not recommended for self installation. Car wrap also requires detailed trimming around the edges.

Car wrapping is great for businesses or individuals that are required or prefer to change their looks every now and then. Vinyl vehicle wrap will last an average of about five years. A wrap can cost between $2,000-$4000 for an average sized car. Larger vehicles such as RVs and semi-trucks would of course cost considerably more.

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